custom headbandMore and more it seems that baseball is taking a backseat to America's true competitive passion, football. Every Sunday your favorite professional teams match up on the gridiron to see who comes out on top. It is gripping and it gets a huge number of people pumped. Nearly as important, on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons nationwide high school football teams are barreling towards each other and playing with every bit of the ferocity of those pros.

Keeping those high school football players safe requires padding, helmets, well maintained fields, and medical staff at the ready. All of those things cost money. For high schools looking to raise funds, logo-adorned customized blankets can go a long way.

Plush fleece blankets that are sold at high school football games will sell fast and help teams shore up some of their expenses. As the temperature drops, fans of the teams will become more likely to purchase the blankets simply to drape over their legs in the stands. It is a win for fans and an even bigger win for schools dealing with budget shortfalls.

Consider purchasing customized fleece blankets in bulk this football season. They will keep fans warm and players safe!