custom headbandPromoting a cause can be difficult. While many people might feel deeply engaged to your worthwhile endeavors to better the world, many would rather not be brought face to face with injustice or tragedy long enough to spring into action. As the old adage goes, "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

This is why investing in promotional gifts for people dedicated to your cause can help advance things so well. With a logo that includes your organization's name and perhaps a one line mission statement, customized blankets can generate the kind of donations you need to make real change. If you solicit for donations from people while offering a plush fleece blanket, the person you are soliciting will be more likely to sign on. People want to help, but the added value of a gift to show off their charitable nature makes doing so a much easier leap for these unexpected philanthropists.

For charitable organizations, spending money on anything other than the cause in question can be a difficult decision to make. What makes inexpensively buying fleece blankets in bulk worthwhile is that it assures you will drive up more interest from do-gooders out there.