custom headbandOn average, people sleep best at temperatures from 62 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As temperatures drop, it can rouse you from peaceful sleep. On the other hand, overheating can also interrupt your sleep. This is because in the first hour of sleep your core body temperature drops as much as 10 degrees. This change in temperature allows you to move through the cycles of sleep unabated. An overtly warm comforter can stifle this drop and interrupt sleep.

Plush fleece blankets can make a huge difference when trying to find the right sleep temperature. It is not merely that these blankets keep you warm, they do not keep you too warm. These are not the kinds of thick blankets that leave people waking up excessively sweaty and tossing off any and all blankets on top of you. Instead, these custom blankets, along with your home's thermostat, offer just enough warmth to reach a cozy, optimal temperature.

Rather than using uselessly thin sheets or cumbersome comforters, fleece blankets offer everyone a little more temperature flexibility. You should not have to choose between being too cold or too warm. As it turns out, doing so might be causing you restless nights and inevitably unpleasant mornings.