custom headbandThe autumn is all but here. This means earlier nights and people heading back to normalcy after a summer with the kids out of school. For many businesses this can mean an always unwanted dip in sales.

Promotion has to take on an approach beyond grabbing the eyeballs of passersby. Now you have to get those customers to come back as the temperature drops.

Customized blankets are a great gift to offer loyal customers. Not only are they a practical addition to anyone's linen closet, but with the right logo they will remind consumers of what a generous and helpful business you have been. That is the kind of positive reputation building that can only come from business gifts. Your gift will keep customers coming back all year long.

Even better, those plush fleece blankets will have your best customers sharing your company name(as well as the warmth of that blanket) with guests. This can work as an effective long term word of mouth strategy as well as a way to reward the people who have helped you build your business.

Consider branding some blankets and offering them to your favorite clientele. The results are sure to have a positive result on your business.