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Kanata Quillow Is an Idyllic Gift for the Family

Posted by on 10/29/2013
custom headbandLooking for a high-quality gift idea for the whole family? The holidays are on their way, and getting the jump on shopping is the best way to avoid the seemingly inevitable stresses of the season. Put your family crest or an inventive family logo on customized blankets and you can cover more than your fair share of folks on your shopping list.

Quality Promotion with Customized Blankets

Posted by on 10/23/2013
custom headbandFor some businesses, affixing your brand's logo to any giveaway item—be it a flimsy Frisbee or a low-quality pen—is promotion enough. Simply handing out a free gift is enough no matter how useless or low-grade that gift may be.

The Perfect Temperature with Custom Blankets

Posted by on 10/16/2013
custom headbandOn average, people sleep best at temperatures from 62 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As temperatures drop, it can rouse you from peaceful sleep. On the other hand, overheating can also interrupt your sleep. This is because in the first hour of sleep your core body temperature drops as much as 10 degrees. This change in temperature allows you to move through the cycles of sleep unabated. An overtly warm comforter can stifle this drop and interrupt sleep.

Wearable Plush Fleece Blankets for the Fall

Posted by on 10/9/2013
custom headband For many of us, the cooler months of the year bring with them some difficulty getting cozy. The plummeting temperatures simply affect some more than others. While you are likely attempting to hold off turning the heat on for as long as possible, you may have certain family members shivering through the new fall TV shows each night.

High School Football Team Customized Blankets

Posted by on 9/24/2013
custom headbandMore and more it seems that baseball is taking a backseat to America's true competitive passion, football. Every Sunday your favorite professional teams match up on the gridiron to see who comes out on top. It is gripping and it gets a huge number of people pumped.
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