As the weather gets colder, it becomes more difficult to stay comfortable while keeping the heating bills under control. While there are many tips available on how to make your home more energy efficient (like this article from CBS News), something as simple as the use of throw blankets can also be a big help in lowering your winter heating costs.

  1. Keep an extra blanket in bed. Most people lower their heat while they sleep in order to save energy, which is a sensible idea. To help reduce how much your heating system needs to work during the night, keep an extra blanket folded at the foot of your bed to give your feet some extra warmth. If you find you are still a little chilly, pull the whole throw over you to use as a second blanket. Some blankets that are great to have in the bedroom on cold nights include wool blankets and knit and woven throws.

  2. Lounge with a blanket. Using a throw blanket during the day or evening will also ease your heating needs. Why not cuddle with a cozy blanket while reading a book or watching "Dancing with the Stars"? Some favorite throw blankets for relaxing are the Huggie Blanket, Pocketed TV Blanket, Coral Fleece Throw, and the Micro Fur Sherpa Throw.

  3. Dress for the season, even inside. Ok, this one isn't about blankets specifically, but it's also important.  Are you walking around in shorts and a t-shirt and complaining how cold it is? Instead of raising the thermostat, throw on a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, or even a robe. Also wear socks, slippers, or something on your feet.  You shouldn't need to wear gloves or earmuffs, but an extra layer of comfortable clothing can keep you several degrees warmer and take some of the burden off of your heating system.
Having a few throw blankets around the house will keep you and your guests comfy, while taking some of the winter strain off of your heating system.