Our waterproof blankets our most popular items for outdoor sporting events. While the fleece stadium blankets and sweatshirt blankets are favorites as well, but they don't offer quite as much protection from the elements. Not only does it have the cozy micro fleece on one side, it also has the nylon backing on the other helps to shield against wind, rain, and snow.


Our two best selling waterproof blankets are the Fleece & Nylon Waterproof Picnic Blanket and our 4-in-1 Blanket.  The standard waterproof blanket folds easily, secures with a velcro flap, and has two outside pockets.  The 4-in-1 Blanket has a long carry strape, one large pocket, and folds and zips into a square, flat shape that makes it useful as a seat cushion as well!

These blankets are also great for fundraisers!  Many teams and clubs will purchase the blankets with their school logo embroidered or screen printed, and sell them at the games!  We most often put the logo on the outside pocket, but sometimes schools prefer a larger print in the center of the blanket so it's more visible when the blanket is unfolded.  Ask us how we can customize the blankets for you!