Summertime is full of opportunities for outdoor activities. And if your good weather only lasts a short time (like it does for us in the midwest), then you want to make the most of it. Taking a picnic blanket along helps you stay clean, dry, and comfortable. Our nylon fleece blanket, is one of our most popular items this time of year. The nylon on the bottom side of the blanket keeps out moisture and easily shakes or wipes clean, while the soft fleece on top is great for picnics or relaxing. It conveniently folds with an attached carry handle, so it's easy to bring along.

The nylon picnic blankets aren't just useful underneath you, they are also nice to put around you in chilly or wet weather. Our 4-in-1 Blanket is also a popular item since it's shape makes it suitable as a seat cushion -- perfect for taking to the game! Either product makes a great gift for any business, school, or team. We can screen print them with your 1-color logo or name, or we can embroider them for a more durable and upscale embellishment. Make you summer a little more cozy!